Sunday, February 9, 2014

Don't forget the humidity.

I hope you're not someone who forgets that during the winter the heat makes the air dry, causing your guitars some serious issues. Many guitarists still use guitar stands, and have one close to a heat vent. Do you have guitars buzzing or playing strangely? Have you checked the neck, action, and top of the guitar to see if its starting to cave in? The next step after a concave top is the bridge coming unglued, then the damage is done, might as well sell it cheap or use it for the campfire guitar.

A small to medium room humidifier works great, plus a battery-powered temperature and humidity sensor. The desirable range is between 35-40% humidity.
There are many great articles and books on performing maintenance on your guitars, including neck adjustment and regular care. Since your acoustic guitar by Taylor, Martin, Larrivee, or other accounts for a size-able amount of money, you'd be wise to get in the 'time to fill the humidifier' habit.

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